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Who We Are?

As we entered the market in 2010, the aftermarket repair business was starting to blom for consumers, trying to repair smartphones and especially iPhone screens. Many people noticed the demand and opportunity to open their own small repair shops, as Apple at the time did not offer any repair service and “forced” consumers to buy a new unit as soon as it was broken/cracked.

The problem was that new consumers where not familiar with the manufacturer and wholesale business in Asia, and it was no stable supply for small businesses and private consumers. Companies took advantage of unknowing customers to manufacture very cheap and poor quality screen displays and distribute them through the mainstream shopping sites, available in small quantity.

To be able to get the real quality you had to be a big company with knowledge of the Asian industry, resources and the capability to negotiate directly (or via agents) with the manufacturer,  go through every detail of the production details before completing a deal, and the minimum order quantity was often 50.000 units and up.

The aftermarket really took off and mainstream shopping sites was polluting the market and available information with really poor quality screens. The private and small businesses/repair shops did not have the resources or any knowledge on how to get the real quality screens, as the mainstream sellers used shady methods of marketing, and sold their screens as the real deal “High quality, AAAAA++, Original FOR, OEM etc.”

As a response to the problem, iREphone was established in Norway in 2015, with a direct connection to the hub in Hong Kong, aiming to bridge the gap between the real quality display replacement screens, previously only available for really big companies and with a high MOQ, and offer an alternative to the poor easy available quality screens from mainstream shopping sites.

The result came after some years of negotiations, logistic etc. We made a unike cooperation with the leading LCD inCell and display manufacturers to offer the same quality screens to every company, Small or Big with no MOQ. And in late 2018, The real inCell LCD Display “Original Experience” (OEX) series production line was born. With a minimum standard of original quality or better, to make the businesses and consumers connect to a known quality, to know what they get, and provide a stable supply.

Many shady companies quickly copied the term inCell in their marketing, but only few are original inCell, so be aware of the fake. You can trust the OEX InCell series from iREphone to have the latest and real inCell technology, and our “TrueX Color” to match the original, and often up to 20% better color saturation. Full screen data copy support for e.g. true tone, and original size IC to match the original product and avoid those annoying pressure marks. When only the best is good enough, you choose iREphone

Why Choose Us?


Unique product line

The OEX series assembly is a star product line launched by our partners engineering high-tech team after nearly ten years of research & development, and has distinctive product characteristics, uses the latest technology and the highest quality possible at reasonable prices. Once launched, it became a hot product, setting off a rush of demand. Sales reached up to 600,000 pcs monthly.

Note: iREphone will never indulge those imitations that came on the market short time after launch, and we and our partners are resolutely in protecting the rights.


High quality and low faulty rate with lifetime warranty

iREphone screens have undergone strict quality inspection procedures before leaving the factory, and the defect rate is strictly maintained below 0.76%, which is far below the industry average. Moreover, iREphone provides lifetime warranty service, and has been widely praised by customers in the industry, which greatly meets the needs of customers in the most demanding Nordic countries, Europe and North America


Global B2B business

iREphone have formed a long-term stable and friendly cooperative relationship with 50+ factories and sell to almost 130 countries. Join forces to meet your business procurement demands in all aspects.

Retail / Wholesale / Repair-Shop Memberships

Join us in the fight against poor quality, use iREphone and make the market great again. When Only The Best is Good Enough!

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